Options to withdraw money with a credit card

Practically, 100% of the workers charge the payroll with credit in account, which makes it necessary to go to the bank again and again to have cash. Therefore, the frequent gesture of taking money with the card is something that we are all familiar with. Now, there are different options to get money with a credit or debit card, did you know?

Depending on the type of card you have, the cashier you are targeting and, above all, the type of operation you do with your card, you may have to face different commissions to access cash. We talk about all this so that you do not miss anything the next time you go to the cashier to get your money.

Card types and ways of disposition

There are usually two types of cards: debit cards and credit cards. As its name suggests, with a debit card purchases and withdrawals are charged at the time to the associated account and against your balance. In other words, what you pay is automatically charged to your account, as well as the money you withdraw from the ATM.

In the case of the credit card, however, the payments are accumulated in the credit card account that is charged to the bank account, usually within one month. This type of provision, therefore, is a credit, with the advantage that its processing is simple. Simply pass your purchases the credit card at the time of making purchases or withdraw money from the cashier.

Now, if you have cash with your credit card, you have to keep in mind that you may have to pay a series of commissions for it. This commission has nothing to do with the type of cashier or where you get money, you have to pay a commission for the cash received on credit. In short, what you do by taking money on credit is nothing more than asking for a “mini-loan”.

Now, you may be interested to know that a credit card does not force you to withdraw money on credit, but also allows you to do so by debt. That is, with a credit card you can, as with a debit card, withdraw money “in real time” without paying a cent in commissions. For this, it is important that at the cashier you make your withdrawal “on a debit basis” and not “on credit”. The cashier will ask you about it, so keep this in mind in each case.

Where to get money with a credit card

Regardless of the commission of each ATM, you must also bear in mind that if you make a provision on credit, it will also be subject to the commissions of your contract. For example, the commission for currency exchange in a currency other than the euro. Therefore, although a credit card can save your life at a certain time, it is important to take into account these possible added commissions so that the withdrawal does not come out too expensive. This fact, however, sometimes entails additional expenses, since each of the different ATMs that exist requires singular commissions, which the teller first charges to BBVA, and then BBVA reimburses them to the client. In this way, therefore, at the time of having cash with your card (either credit or debit), you will have to read in detail the information shown on the screen and at the cashier so as not to take surprises.

In short, a credit card is a practical tool and, if necessary, necessary to have our money wherever we go. Although a withdrawal of cash can be an added cost because of the commissions, these can be compensated with the different advantages.