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Every person who faithfully reads the Bible, which can be the last word word of God, will ensure you of finding a promise of/ for concern every condition, accomplishment or lull that you experienced from God. “Request and it will be given to you, seek and you’ll find.”; “though I walk-through the area of the darkness of death, thy staff and they rod they comfort me.”; “carry your tithes and attractions towards the household of God. and see if I shall not start the windows and gate.”, “God is not a guy that He must lie.”; “although your sins are reddish as scarlet, I’ll cleanse you and you also will probably be as bright as snow.”; “. Along with the range was a sign of the covenant that God would not damage the face of the world with floods. “. These are merely several.

Learn through doing, and see what can be performed. Rinse and replicate. As time continues you will study on both failures and your successes. You’ll know what to preserve and what to toss.